The Fujita massage chair is the best on the market. Thank you for providing a source of relief for my back pain.
Tom in New york, NY
I used to have severe lower back pain, but since I started using the Fujita massage chair, my pain is gone. Thank you for making my life easier!
Jason Mullen
My wife and I find the chair very helpful on lower back tension. We use it almost everyday. My friends all comment that it is the best chair they have ever tried.
J.D. in Boca Raton, FL
Love our Fujita massage chair! I have seen competitors’ chairs and have tried them, but the Fujita chair is much better!
William Smith in Southlake, TX
Our neighbors used the chair and liked it so much that they ordered one for themselves the next day! The Fujita chair is wonderful for soothing sore muscles, as well as just relaxing. It is superior to any other massage chair on the market.
Daniel Lee in Woodcliff Lake, NJ


Suggested Retail Price $799

Massage sofa BK780 has elegant appearance and multi functions. It is not only a small but top-grade sofa, but also a massage chair which can provide you comfortable massage. It will not occupy your living space. After a day’s work,
BK780 can give you relaxation. BK780 will be your best partner while you are reading or watching TV.


Toe Traction

Air bags fully wrap and press your toes to stimulate punctures in toes, massage facial refection areas and improve skin metabolism. While your toes are wrapped by air bags, your sole muscle are also trailed by rolling of massage wheel so as to relieve toe fatigue.


Foot Massage

Sole traction: your sole can be massaged to relax sole muscle and relieve fatigue. Both sides of your feet are wrapped and massaged by air bags to remove edema and stiffness. Your ankles will be wrapped and pressed by air bags to dredge lymph pipe and stimulate creating lymph cells.


Calf wrapping and pressing

Gentle kneading massage can remove muscle tension, enhance elasticity of leg muscle and beautify leg curves; Massage for reflection areas can stimulate leg punctures, promote blood circulation.


Hip Massage

Hip pressing can deeply stimulate rectum, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, effectively improve digesting system and constipation.

Waist Massage

The specially designed back cushion can be moved to your waist or your back. It can remove ache and fatigue by pressing caudal vertebra and vital waist acupuncture points, and can also relax back muscle.






 Timer setting:

 15 minute automatic power off time

 Product dimension:

 29” (W) x 27” (D) x 32.5” (H)

 Net weight:

 77 Lbs



 Power supply:

 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz