My wife and I find the chair very helpful on lower back tension. We use it almost everyday. My friends all comment that it is the best chair they have ever tried.
J.D. in Boca Raton, FL
Love our Fujita massage chair! I have seen competitors’ chairs and have tried them, but the Fujita chair is much better!
William Smith in Southlake, TX
Our neighbors used the chair and liked it so much that they ordered one for themselves the next day! The Fujita chair is wonderful for soothing sore muscles, as well as just relaxing. It is superior to any other massage chair on the market.
Daniel Lee in Woodcliff Lake, NJ


Sole Shiatsu Massage

Adopted traditional Chinese therapy Guasha, sole shiatsu combines with wrapping of air bag at the instep, which like massage skills of therapist, specially massage heel, sole and toe to effectively flush out toxins; And node position massage fully stimulate sole refection zones to help relaxing your feet and enhance immunity.


Calf Massage

Three-section design can effectively massage your calf. Rhythmic releasing and wrapping can stimulate valvula venosa to open and close and helpful for vein blood returning to heart so as to remove ache.

Thigh and Knee Massage

Brand-new lengthened design fully wrap and press your thigh and knee, and strong strength can get to deep muscle to effectively remove tension and fatigue. Innovative leg heating can fully relax you legs.


Sole and ankle massage

Unique ankle traction combines with wrapping of air bags deeply stimulate important punctures of sole reflection area by simulating human-being, which effectively improve Lymph flushing out toxins.






 Timer setting:

 15 minute automatic power off time

 Product dimension:

 20” wide x 21” deep x 24.5” high

 Net weight:

 48.5 Lbs



 Power supply:

 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz